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Andrea Grossi, born 1992, earned his Master’s Degree in Jazz form “Arrigo Boito” Conservatory in Parma with a score of 110/110 cum laude and academic mention. He studied double bass and composition with M° Roberto Bonati and he also attended the courses of: Roberto Dani, Alberto Tacchini, Riccardo Luppi, Fabrizio Fanticini and Riccardo Ceni.

He participated in several masterclasses and workshops: Bruno Chevillon, Misha Alperin, Franco D’Andrea, Gianluigi Trovesi, Sidsel Endresen, Marcus Miller, Tor Yttredal, Morten Halle, Federico Sanesi.

His concert activity already has numerous national and international collaboration, including: Barre Phillips, Gyorgy Kurtag, Eyvind Kang, Aruán Ortiz, Marcelo Nisinman, Walter Thompson, Alan Bishop, Sabir Mateen, Michel Doneda, Yves Savary, Paul Roth, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Roberto Masotti, Cristina Zavalloni, Roberto Bonati, Roberto Dani, Giancarlo “Nino” Locatelli, Sebi Tramontana, Cristiano Calcagnile, Daniele Cavallanti, Tiziano Tononi, Walter Prati, Roberto Cappello, Pierpaolo Maurizzi, Riccardo Luppi, Massimo Falascone, Claudio Lugo, Gaetano Liguori, Guido Bombardieri, Paolo Tomelleri, Paolo Botti, Emanuele Parrini, Beppe Caruso, Alberto Mandarini, Mario Arcari, Andrea Dulbecco, Danilo Grassi, Camilla Battaglia, Laura Conti, Gaia Mattiuzzi, Beatrice Arrigoni, Olivia Salvadori, Sandro Mussida, Alessandra Novaga, Alberto Tacchini, Alberto Braida, Marco Dalpane, Luca Tilli, Gianpiero Malfatto, Francesco Bossaglia, Massimiliano Milesi, Roberto Del Piano, Filippo Monico, Fulvio Maras, Stefano Giust, Luca Perciballi, Francesco Fiorenzani, Francesco Orio and many others.

He has performed in important festivals and theaters in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland.

He is mainly active in contemporary and improvised music. He is also often involved in jazz, classical music and sometimes even in pop music (in which he has worked as session man by recording the “Consequenza Logica” album by Matia Bazar and alive with the Sanremo Orchestra)

He is currently leader of the Blend 3 trio (with alto sax player Manuel Caliumi and guitarist Michele Bonifati) and leader of the Blend Orchestra (a 12 elements ensemble).

The union between Blend 3 and the amazing voice of Gaia Mattiuzzi has given life to Songs & Poems, project about the sound of words, an exploration of the “voices” of some great Poets.

He also collaborates with several groups in jazz and improvised music (ParmaFrontiere Orchestra and Chironomic Ensemble by Roberto Bonati, Pipeline by Giancarlo “Nino” Locatelli, Milano Music Collective, Nexus by Daniele Cavallanti & Tiziano Tononi, Idea Trio by Gaetano Liguori; Takla Jazz Trio by Filippo Monico, Extemporary Vision Ensemble by Francesco Chiapperini, Beatrice Arrigoni 4et, the band I am a Fish) and in classical and contemporary music ensembles (in the GMC by Danilo Grassi, in the MG_INC Orchestra and in the Ensemble ’05 by Massimo Felici and Antonia Valente).

In the performative arts he used to collaborate with the contemporary dancer and choreographer Laura Matano and her XL Collective and, in audio/video performances, with the very important photographer and video maker Roberto Masotti and his Tai NoOrchestra.


  • Lubok – Andrea Grossi Blend 3 – 2019 – We Insist! Records
  • Chirality – Eyvind Kang – 2019 – I Dischi di AngelicA
  • Prayer – Pipeline 8 (Giancarlo “Nino” Locatelli) – 2018 – We Insist! Records
  • Il Suono Improvviso – Roberto Bonati Chironomic Orchestra – 2018 – ParmaFrontiere
  • Slippery – Oz Hole (Francesco Orio) – 2018 – Oriri
  • Innerscape – Beatrice Arrigoni 4tet – 2018 – EMME Records
  • The Big Earth – Francesco Chiapperini Extemporary Vision Ensemble – 2018 – Rudi Records

Coming soon:

  • Four Winds – Andrea Grossi Blend Orchestra – 2019 – We Insist! Records
  • Whirling Leaves Roberto Bonati Chironomic Orchestra – 2019 – ParmaFrontiere
  • Trio SuiteGiancarlo Nino Locatelli Trio – 2020 – We Insist! Records